Reasons To Choose A Lawn Tractor With A Rollover Bar

If your property has a lot of grass that you're cutting with a push mower, you might be eager to speed up this regular summer task. A good way to do so is by purchasing a lawn tractor, which will significantly cut down on the amount of time you spend cutting your grass. A lawn tractor dealership in your area has all sorts of models with a wide range of features, so you can browse what's available, consider your budget, and make the right purchase. You can expect to see some lawn tractors that are equipped with rollover bars. This bar is mounted behind the seat and extends above your head. Here are some reasons to buy a tractor that has this feature.


A lawn tractor's rollover bar is designed to keep you safe in the event of rolling the tractor over. While the likelihood of a rollover is very small if you follow the safety rules of cutting your lawn, the risk can exist in sloped areas. Rollovers are serious because you could be hurt under the weight of the tractor. In the event of a rollover, the rollover bar will make contact with the ground instead of your body hitting the ground. This will make it easy for you to get out from under the tractor in a safe manner. Even if you never roll the tractor, you'll appreciate the feeling of safety that comes with having a rollover bar.

Shade Attachment

Cutting your grass can be a hot job, particularly on sunny days. Lawn tractors don't generally offer a source of shade, which means that you might feel hotter than you'd like when you're riding on the tractor. When you have a lawn tractor that has a rollover bar, you can buy an attachment that provides shade. These attachments, which generally consist of a frame and canvas canopy, are readily available. They mount easily to the rollover bar of the tractor and are also quick to remove when you wish.

Tool Attachment

There are many attachments on the market that mount to a lawn tractor's rollover bar and are designed to hold various lawn tools. For example, you can readily find attachments that will hold a weed trimmer. This means that you can cut grass in a specific area, shut the mower off, and grab the trimmer to tackle any tight areas that require trimming. Without the rollover bar and attachment, you'd need to return to your garage to get the trimmer. For more information about lawn mowing tractors, contact a local company. 

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