An Overview Of Having A Fire Pit Installed

A fire pit can bring you a lot of enjoyment. It provides a warm place to gather on chilly evenings and talk. Plus, it's relaxing to sit back and watch the dancing flames. You could even have a cookout and roast hot dogs and marshmallows in the fire. But first, you have to install the fire pit. Here are some decisions you'll need to make.

The Material For The Base

Fire pits can be simple, or they can be the focal point of an outdoor seating area complete with a pergola. You might be satisfied with gravel for the base, but stone would give the fire pit a more attractive appearance.

You'll need a hard surface to support the pit and that covers grass and soil so the fire doesn't spread through your yard. This involves removing plant growth and grass, compacting the soil if necessary, and installing pavers such as brick or concrete. You might even want to use irregular stones such as flagstone or bluestone.

A fire pit installation company can create any type of base you want. However, you'll want to choose a suitable place far from trees and buildings that could catch fire from a floating ember.

The Type Of Fire Pit

You might want the fire pit installation company to build a pit from scratch with concrete or pavers for a quaint appearance. However, you could also buy a pit and set it in the ground or just place it on the slab base the installers create. You'll need to determine if you want a fire you build yourself and tend to keep it going or if you want a gas fire pit. Gas is more convenient and easier to use, but you'll need to have a gas line run to the pit during the installation phase.

The Path to The Pit

Since the fire pit will be installed at a distance from your house, you may want an attractive path built that leads to it. The path might connect your patio to the fire pit and be made from pavers that match the fire pit base or your patio. An attractive path adds even more visual appeal to your backyard and completes the look for your fire pit.

Whether you want a basic pit built or a more elaborate outdoor setting created, it all starts with talking to an outdoor fire pit installation company. They will listen to your ideas so they understand how you want your fire pit to look and work, and then they create a plan for installing it. A fire pit not only provides you with evenings of fun, but it can also make your property more attractive when installed by a professional. Contact an outdoor fire pit installation service for more information. 

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