3 Tips For Decorating The Yard During Holidays

Seasonal decorations are a big business, with more than 18 billion dollars going toward decorations. A big chunk of that number is spent on outdoor decorations. Decorating for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and more is something that many homeowners enjoy immensely. Many people spend hours and hundreds or even thousands of dollars on decorations for the outside of their home and their yard. Here are three things that can make decorating the yard during the holidays an easier task. 

Store The Decorations Outside

When it comes to holiday decorations, many people struggle with finding a place to store them. Attics and garages are often used for storage but that may not be the ideal situation for all decorations. Having a storage unit built outdoors is something that can be very useful for anyone who likes to put up a lot of decorations in their yard during the holidays. The cost to build one of these units varies depending on size and material. Building one of these units as a do-it-yourself project usually costs between $800 and $2,000 while hiring a professional can cost between $2,000 and $4,000. Building storage outside makes it easier to store outdoor decorations as well as other garden equipment.

Landscape With Decorations In Mind

Another thing that holiday decoration minded homeowners should consider is how their landscape will interact with their decorations. Certain types of bushes and trees may not hold up well to the strain placed on them by the decorations. It's also important to keep branches and bushes trimmed so that they do not hide the decorations once they are in place. Anything with delicate blooms or flowers may not hold up well to holiday decorating. Regular maintenance is also a must in order to create the perfect backdrop to the decorations. The average cost of a landscaping service is around $675.

Install Lighting That Can Be Used Year Round

Another thing that should be considered is whether or not some of the holiday decorating elements can be used year round. Lighting that is used to highlight decorations during the holidays can be re-purposed to highlight parts of the landscape when the decorations are stored away. Landscape lighting can be expensive, with individual fixtures running between $100 and $350. However quality landscape lighting can enhance a yard at any time of year.

Decorating for the holidays is a tradition that many enjoy. For those who take it to the next level there are a few things that can make decorating the yard a little easier. Placing storage outside can make it easier to put up and take down the decorations as well as free up valuable indoor space. Landscaping with decorations in mind and re-purposing landscape lighting can also make a yard look great even when the holiday decorations are taken down. 

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