3 Crucial Facts You Should Know When You Are Hoping to Raise Peony Plants for the First Time

Whether you are new to growing your own plants at home or have been doing so for many years, there is no doubt that the beauty of a peony plant is attractive and appealing. However, it is not always as easy to grow as you might hope, and therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information when you need to be as successful with your new endeavor as possible.

Know When the Right Time to Plant or Transfer Is

It is first necessary to understand that although peony plants are easy to raise and grow, it is very important to start their growth cycle at the right time. They do well when planted prior to the first hard frost, so plan accordingly. Although moving them after being planted and they have started to grow is rarely a good choice due to their unique specifications, if you have no choice, doing so at that time of the year is the best choice.

However, when they have taken root and started to bloom, it is not unusual for these beautiful plants to bloom for up to 100 years after. Therefore, the extra time you spend now planning and providing for the plant now can benefit you for a long time.

Consider Using Organic Matter to Give Your Peony Plants the Best Shot at Good Growth

If you are concerned that the ground where the new growth will live has been robbed of nutrients over the years, or if it very sandy, it is always a good idea to supplement the soil with an appropriate organic matter. Common examples include leaf mold or compost, which will provide the extra nutrients that even a sturdy item like the peony plant will benefit from.

If your neighborhood or yard is new, and the soil was a similarly recent addition, supplementing it will also be helpful.

Establish the Right Area to Plant

While peony plants are relatively sturdy and do not require extensive care, they also do not share very well with surrounding living things. For instance, they tend to be greedy about the resources they need to survive, so it is best to make sure that adequate space exists between your new peony plants and trees, bushes, and other plants.  

Three to four feet of space is often recommended. For best results make sure that the peonies are able to spend a minimum of half the day with access to sunlight.    

In conclusion, peony plants are an ideal addition to many homes and yards. As a result, it is a good idea to apply the following information when you are making the necessary plans.    

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